Welcome To The Rebellion

Bone State Rebellion are quickly gaining a reputation for intense and entertaining shows that incorporate their hook filled, hard rock anthems and high energy live stage performance. They are currently writing and recording new material that brings back hard rock and neo grunge to the main stream. 
Formed in mid 2014, vocalist Scott Deacon and bassist Ryan Macnab began writing songs together which recalled the essence of the Seattle music scene in the early 90's. This evolved as they began to collaborate with guitarist Bryan Hoffmann and later finding the last puzzle piece with the recent addition of the hard hitting Frazer Pelling.
Together the boys use a collaborative approach to song writing, as each member brings their own unique experiences and perspectives to the process. From Frazer's powerful percussion, Bryan's epic, sweeping guitar tracks, Ryan's melodic, driving bass lines, and Scott's powerful vocal delivery, BSR are rapidly becoming a fixture in Vancouver's hard rock scene. BSR's debut EP was released January 30th, 2016, followed by two more singles "The Road Less Travelled", and "War in Me" both released summer of the same year.